If my day job(s) ever fall through, I’m going to write these.

Scanning my spam folder before I dump it, I once again can’t help but notice that the subject lines of my porn-based spam are surprisingly woman-pleasure-centric.

A few examples:

  • “Want to see her happy tears?”
  • “Did she say that she loves you?”
  • “Your insatiable chick will be full of pleasure”
  • “Your hot-rod will bring happiness” (<-that’s sort of beautiful.  I think it’s the alliteration.)
  • “Dream to be a hero in her bed?”
  • “She comes so easily now”

And my personal favourite (of all time?):

  • “Wizard of her amorous dreams.”

“Hey baby?  If we’ve got time tonight, do you want to be the wizard of my amorous dreams?”

Yep.  That works.

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