Unrelated and a propos of nothing

I think that “belly” may be one of my favourite words.



Can you say “belly” and be in a foul mood? I mean, when I’m in a foul mood, I am pretty committed to it. And still, I wonder. If were to say “belly” whenever I was angry…

My love for this word has unfortunate consequences for a friend of mine. As I regularly message her during the day with little nonsensical rhymes on her name.

Her name is Michelle. So while she is at work, diligently managing her team and solving big consequential problems, she regularly gets little “boop-beeps” as a chat window opens up with “Shmolelly lelly bo belly!”, or “Felly felly molelly banana shmelly belly!” or possibly “Mashalelly chellypants belly!”

Notice a theme?

This would be an appropriate moment for you to be thankful you’re not on my chat list. 😉

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