Premature… but… WOOHOO!

Just received 2 emails from my new job.

First) very confusing. No direct response to salary, just a sort of “the paperwork guy is on vacation and we’ll get it sorted out next week (when you start)”.

Second) much much much more satisfying. Did they freak out at my outrageous request? Um, no. Did they instead ask me if “it would be acceptable” to accept an hourly rate that, hello!, works out to more than I asked?

Yes. Yes they did.

Hemp shower curtains, HERE I COME!!!

Shoppity shop shop…Hug a planet today!

Doing my Ikea online prep before I go to the store this afternoon.

Not thrilled with shopping at Ikea. When I was younger it brought me joy. Now I feel like a big fat wasteful consumer.

Ah well, I will only buy a few really good deals, nothing big – like their disposable furniture. Good business model – make furniture that will hold together just long enough to be in fashion. Then it falls apart in time for the next ‘look’. And it’s cheap enough every time you buy it that you feel like a shopping superstar. “Look at this DEAL!”

That popular Ikea commercial is more accurate than they might have intended. The one with captain scandinavian standing on the corner, berating you for feeling bad about the lamp in with the trash when the woman buys a new one? “You feel bad for the lamp?! That’s because you’re crazy. The new lamp is much better.”
Nice attitude. Don’t try and find a new home for your “boring” old lamp. Just throw it out! Come on everybody! That’s why god made curbs! Get yourself some “unboring” furniture and throw the rest away! HAHAHAHAHA! Everybody now! All unfashionable furniture to the landfill!

I can’t wait until I don’t get paid like a chump. I look forward to having the sort of income where I don’t have to save up to buy from Ikea for household necessities. Oh baby… it’ll be all hemp shower curtains and natural dyes…

Fingers crossed that this new job falls for my “salary expectation”.

:runs off to check email…

Tied to my phone…

Going a little bit nuts. I *feel* like being all productive and running up and down the stairs and around the house making “progress” on the disarray.


I’m also waiting for a return call from my prospective job. Dammit. Which means that all I’m really doing is waiting for the damn phone to damn ring. And not going out for lunch with friends (because I wanted to stop playing telephone tag).
Chickita who was supposed to call me back had said that late this morning would be a good time for her. And what time is it now boys and girls? That’s right. NOT late this morning, but getting to be late this afternoon.


Ah well. Laundry can wait until tomorrow. Kitty is glad to have company. And Mondays are meant to be slow…

Happy birthday little bro!

Just sitting here in sweats updating my finances, sorting my files, and
doing laundry.  And nursing some bastard shin splints
leftover from an ambitious jog w/o stretching yesterday.

Today’s icon was made in honour of userinfoa_just_society ‘s birthday today.

Lots of joint b-day memories … ‘s birthday falls the day before mine.  Growing up
all the blue streamers had to be down by midnight, in time for my pink ones to go up for the 20th
[which could then stay up indefinitely…heh heh…].

Enjoy big guy!

You have to actually write ’em

So, I’m new at this. I’m used to just shift-refreshing the blogs of others and magically having new entries appear. I forgot that that doesn’t work on your own blog.
Damn hard work.

Speaking of hard work, I just got back home from my *very important* job as official cat snuggler while Mud & Catspaw are in Panama. I’m really good at my job. I show up, put on Mud’s tshirt, and kitty and I watch ‘Ellen’ on Toronto One. Oh, and I eat their cereal. (Note to self, buy them more cereal). Unemployment is so sweet I could cry.

Soon to end though. Sounds like the good people at the MoH want some help asap. If I play my cards right, I might be able to turn the salaried position offer and turn it into a 3-month stint. Ending just in time and with just enough money to make my trip to Indonesia in June happen..


In other news, I figured out why my ex-company was late depositing my cheque. They had “entered the wrong amount” and had to cancel my direct deposit to issue a manual cheque. Sigh. The wrong amount was $300 more than I got. It wouldn’t have hurt if I didn’t have to see the larger amount crossed out on my statement…